Services & Rates

Does your content feel a little ho-hum? Need a better “hook” or opening? Are you struggling with tying it all together?

My writing and editing services work well for large and small projects alike. I’ll make sure your message is succinct and effective, whether it involves a few sentences or hundreds of pages. No job is too small! I’ve cleaned up application essays, fine-tuned reference letters and tightened job ads.  Email me with your questions or to request a project quote.


Editing is a collaborative process. You have your own, unique voice and distinct message. My part of the collaborative partnership is to give you objective feedback and a glimpse of how other readers might respond to your work. I respectfully help you explore, refine and improve your creative writing (books, essays, articles) or company marketing materials.


I have a knack for capturing a subject in newsletter pieces of any length, specializing in individual profiles and Q&A style interviews . My interviewing skills are honed from many years of writing newsletter features.


Need some touch-ups on your marketing materials? Or maybe you need assistance  keeping your website content up to date? I can help!


Every writing and editing project is different, so I’ll need to know more about your project goals before giving you a specific quote. Please email me about your project, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

To help you consider your project budget, here is a very rough overview of my standard fees:

  • Editing: $40 – $60/hour (5-10 pages/hour, depending on level of editing required)*

  • Writing: $50 – $75/hour (depending on project type and how deeply I’m involved with managing it)

* Note: A standard page equals: 250 words, double-spaced in Times New Roman font size 12

See samples of my work. Read client testimonials about my professional editing and writing services. Email me your questions and quote requests.