Client Testimonials

“Irene Hopkins resurrected our department newsletter that had lain dormant for about four years. She brought an energy and brightness to it that was never there before, creating a series of “Spotlights” on different aspects of the Spanish Department. Her writing is both lively and precise. She has a talent for identifying the distinctive and interesting features of her subjects, drawing the readers’ attention to them. Irene’s newsletters not only make good reading but they are also effective. In addition to numerous compliments I have received, donations to the department have increased as a direct result of the newsletter.”   ~Anthony L. Geist, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, Former Chair of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Washington, Seattle

“In the world of publishing, it is surprisingly uncommon to find someone who can “do it all.” There are plenty of writers, editors, copyeditors, proofreaders…but they are rarely one and the same person. Quite often that is exactly what is needed for the job: one person with an amazing skill set who promises to do everything you dream up – and then delivers it. On time. Perfectly done. With a dazzling smile.

Irene Hopkins can write like a dream. She edits and proofreads with absolute professionalism and efficiency. And she can make you feel incredibly good – happy and thrilled – about whatever mess of a job you’ve just handed to her. Any writing project is a meandering process that needs skillful advice and editorial nurturing before it emerges as the finished work you want it to be. I know because I’ve worked in publishing for decades. Irene can do the job. Her expertise and skills are matched by her sparkling humor and upbeat, can-do attitude. Hire her. You’ll be glad you did!”    ~Faith Conlon, former co-owner and publisher of Seal Press, professional editor, and children’s book author

“Irene has been an invaluable asset to creating an authentic voice for my documentary film project, Light Years. She listens intently to what I am trying to get across and uses her talent for verbal alchemy to bring that message forth with simple, effective and graceful ease. Irene’s warmth and sincerity enhances this collaborative work and I’m grateful for her contribution to crystalizing the film’s positive message on our website and Kickstarter campaign.”  ~Claire Marie Panke, Filmmaker & Director / Producer, Light Years

“Irene was absolutely wonderful in helping me edit my statement of intent for graduate studies. Her perspectives helped me refine multiple brainstorm-like essays into one distilled document, and her editing skills left me feeling confident that my final product would be perfect! That enhanced confidence paid off. I start school in a month!”  ~Devin Glaser, Seattle-based Teacher, Political Blogger & Grad School Student

“I had the pleasure of working with Irene when I was co-editing “I Wanna Be Sedated: 30 Writers on Parenting Teenagers.” Irene contributed one of our smash hit essays,”The Seven Circles of Hormone Hell.” Behind the scenes of her skilled and hilarious writing, I found an unwavering professional. Easy to communicate with she met every deadline and was gracious throughout the editing process. A bonus for us was that Irene has a theatre background, so when we were promoting the book through public readings, she brought down the house with her comedic performance and impeccable delivery.

I love reading her work. She illuminates everyday life in original, brave, quirky and hilarious ways. Reading her “Queen Anne News” column or her blog is like being in the company of an excellent conversationalist, whom you also happen to really, really like. The upshot is she makes me laugh. She makes me cry. She makes think. Find out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”  ~Gail Hudson, Author, Editor, and Life Coach

“Need a talented writer and/or editor who can work with minimal direction? On a publishing time crunch? Hire Irene. She’s an incredible storyteller, and she’s lightning fast. I asked her to submit a personal story for an e-book project I spearheaded (My Ticket to Paradise: Expat Snapshots of Isla Taboga). Her essay “Welcome to Paradise: No Ticket Required” was so good (I found myself literally laughing out loud), that I asked her to join the project as a co-editor. Her suggestions and contributions made a big difference in polishing the final version of the book. I also turned to Irene when I sought an expert to guest blog about writing, as she masterfully works with structure, voice, and emotion. Mission accomplished: many of my readers found her guest post inspiring and helpful.”   ~Kimberlyn David, Lead Creative at Changemaker Communications

“Irene has an innate ability to connect with our instructors and students as our newsletter editor. We consistently receive positive comments about her articles. Her sense of humor makes people feel at ease and yet she can move readers emotionally. The newsletter has helped us to fulfill our mission by reaching people on a personal level while broadening and strengthening our marketing efforts. She has enriched our work tremendously!”     ~ Aileen dos Santos, co-owner, Balance Studio

“Here is what I know about working with Irene: She has strong instincts that are right on. During a recent job search, I asked Irene to help spiff up the writing on my resume. She completely combed through my CV, editing everything from awkward language to misplaced commas, resulting in a perfect document. She turned it around so fast that I asked her for feedback on my website, both for language and for content quality. Her feedback on my website was honest, direct and crisp. She coached me to be more articulate about my work, rephrasing and adding sparkle to the language I used in addition to editing for grammar, spacing, font size, images – every last detail. I felt proud of both my resume and my work thanks to Irene.” ~ Jennifer Geist, Zeitgeist Creations, LLC