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12 Replies to “Hands Off the Wheel”

  1. Just read your essay in Real Simple and was moved to tears when you talked about your yard sale and giving away the red parasol. My husband and I own an old house surrounded by our beloved collections. I often think about getting rid of the stuff and downsizing, but like you, I am resistant! I thank you for the inspiration to simplify! Yard sale here I come!

    1. Hi Erica,

      Thank you so much for writing! I’m glad the essay was helpful. I think we all need a little bit of guidance when it comes to the process of simplifying after so many years of living in a home and accumulating meaningful, familiar, comforting objects. It’s hard to start, but my experience was exactly as I wrote – it got easier and I felt so much lighter for having let go of attachment to “things.” Good luck!

  2. I just read your article in Real Simple and loved knowing that someone else is taking the journey I am choosing. Leaving a high stress Los Angeles job, sold the family home of 40 years and headed to a farm in Oregon. I too feel that by simplifying I will be clearer and freer. Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. Just read your article in Real Simple, from my tiny 400 sq ft. studio that I share with my husband. We live near you, in Ballard, and I could relate so so much to your story. We relocated out here from the midwest, where we lived in a huge lower duplex with more space than we knew what to do with. Our belongings and ‘stuff’ were spread all over – in our basement, garage, spare bedroom, and yes, our parents basements. Moving here a few years ago was a shock, to say the least. We have spent the last year downsizing (begrudgingly and slowly at first, now weekly and methodically), and the process is better than any therapy session money can buy. It is amazing how little we actually need!

    Related: Getting to see the snow-capped Olympics from our living room on clear days > Big apartment with lots of things.

    Thanks for the lovely article, I look forward to reading more of your work!!

  4. Hello Irene:
    I so enjoyed reading your article in this month’s real simple magazine. Because you are such a great writer, I was courteous to read more articles posted on your website. I will definitely visit again and read more of your writing. I love that you are persuing your passion for writing. Congratulations! Keep on living your dream.

  5. Thanks so much for your honesty and wonderful writing in this month’s Real Simple. It was so inspiring and wonderful to hear about your experience. For us, part of the experience included moving from the Bay Area to Oregon. Downsizing in the sense of pace and busy-ness. Take care and thanks for your writing!

  6. Dear Irene,
    I haven’t made the dream come true yet, but I’m forming it and your story has inspired me. Im asking the wiser universe to assist me to move forward. Presently living in Canada, don’t know where to go, but I know I don’t belong in this kind city that has helped me so. A new location awaits. I have a vulnerable adult daughter who requires care, that’s makes things harder, but not impossible. I, also, am a support worker and have worked as a theatre in the past.
    Thank you for your honest , beautiful and hopeful story in Real Simple. It has given me inspiration and courage.

    1. Dear Maggie,

      Thanks so much for writing and I am truly happy to know that my story inspired you and bolstered your courage. We get so stuck in our patterns and our lives because of many things. Some more understandable than others. I think fear and those people who discourage us (however well-intentioned they may be) are the most powerful deterrents.

      Good luck with your plan and your move, wherever that may be. Draw on your strength and conviction and you will be okay! Let me know what happens.

      ~ Irene

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